Monday, December 8, 2014

Motivation Monday!

Here is me in action photographing a wedding in Arizona. check out my online photo gallery for contact and booking info!
{ dress by Anthropologie }

Holiday / Engagement Portraits

There's still time to shoot and order your Holiday cards online to say Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to your friends and family! Contact and see for my online gallery! And click here to see how another couple whose engagement portraits I shot, used them at their wedding reception.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thumbstack's Great for Photographers!

Thumbstack is a great program to network and meet other professionals and clients! If you haven't checked it out yet, link is below!

Wedding photographer

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Warning: Major Goof Ball Alert!

I had such a fun afternoon photographing my cousin Jordan for The Love Bullet...she's such a beautiful soul, inside and out...stay tuned for the photos! For now, I'm gonna drop this glitter bomb on ya!
{ For more behind the scenes photos of my shoots, follow me on Instagram @loveandphoto }

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Healthy is the new Wealthy

Since this blog is about my life it's also about my lifestyle. I've been obsessed with my health lately...trying natural oil cleansing face washes, home made organic dog food, even minerals I apply to my feet to help me if you are interested, check out my new blog Beauty is a Biotch! I named it such because yes, some of the teas I drink to detox are nasty and some of the oils I put on my face smell like feet, I'm not here to lie to you. Being healthy is hard. Ten years ago, I would have been trying to find a quick fix or spending hundreds of dollars on ONE face cream! But now, I spend my nights mostly in chilling with my dog, meditating, doing yoga or researching the internet for more homeopathic remedies for things that now a days people would rather take a pill to cure. Hope this helps you and I hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

All You Need Is LOVE

This blog is not only about my lifestyle as a photographer, my adventures and tips and tricks that I find useful in my trade, for sharing music that I find digging around on YoutTube, about photography's about Love. Tonight, I saw this video going viral on Facebook about a father singing the Beatles' "Blackbird" to his infant son, aptly named Lennon, a few hours after his wife passed away due to C-section complications. The community reached out and donated around $60,000 for this now single dad. I watched the video and cried, grieving for this family I've never even met. I kept reading the story only to find out that four short days later, baby Lennon died. Leaving this already heartbroken husband no longer a father, and I started thinking of these tragedies in life that occur, all the time, and why? Within a week, this man's reason for living, his wife and his new son, ripped from him. And what has he left? How will he feel getting up tomorrow, wishing it was all a nightmare. This is life. The reason this story feels like it's squeezing my heart so tightly, is because I identify with this man. I've loved and I've lost. The man's latest update, which he announces the passing of Lennon, is somber yet he expresses gratitude for the four short days he got to care for him, see him face to face after nine months of loving him when he was growing inside of his wife. Even though his heart must be shattered, he expresses gratitude! It makes me want to share this, not to be a downer on a Thursday night, but to remind anyone who comes to this blog to LOVE with all you have like it's your last day on Earth. To be grateful for every day you get with your family and loved ones! Don't let days pass in your lifetime when you could be with the ones you love, dont let pride or ego get in your way of what God brought together. Open your eyes that we are all human and make mistakes, forgive those who love you. Forgive yourself and love yourself, that will make it easier to forgive others. NEVER wait to love. Don't count on there being other days or months when you will work things out. Forgive NOW and love NOW! Never forget that within a week, your entire life can be wiped away, leaving you with nothing but the gratefulness of that blessing, that you had what some never find. Hold onto what you love fiercely, with so much strength that no sickness or fight could keep you away. The last words in this man's announcement of Lennon's death and his thank you to all that gave out of their hearts for him was "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE". All else falls into place once you have that. I promise. My prayers for are all who find this post...May God replace all your fear and worry with His peace. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Singing Sisters

{ My sisters and I in Coronado beach last Summer }
I am having so much fun tonight finding acoustic song covers on Youtube... I just fell in love with this little sister big sister duo named Lennon and Maisy. I'm twelve years older than my twin sisters and I love them dearly, our relationship is sacred to me. I call one of them Smalls and she calls me Biggie :) I'm dreading them going off to college next year, so watching these sisters perform together touches my heart. Tell your brothers and sisters you love them, today and everyday! Enjoy these videos!