Friday, January 30, 2009

did you take one less artsy?

Today was a rather trying day to be a photographer. I began the (way too early) morning from my b-berry buzzing with an email from a scottsdale mom whose family I did a portrait of- she asked me to photoshop one particular photo for a 16x20 for their home. She said there was a "shadow" near her waist making it look larger(isnt that what we all say). After liquifying a dress size off her, I sent off the final image large enough to print. Then I receive an email saying she liked it better the "natural" raw way. So not-scottsdale. Whatever. Then I get to work by 8:15am @ Squaw Valley where it's a sizzling 24 degrees and rush out to take the ski school photos. After snapping this one of this kid with awesome goggles(an my Hithcock-esque appearance), my manager said " I hope you got one of this kid that's less artsy. " Ouch.

After a long day of work it was nice to relax with friends for a taco night! Also, I broke even for the poker game too :)

Happy friday everyone!
xoxo, L