Wednesday, April 29, 2009


kaaccchhhinnngg canon!

found this photo on stupid photographer blog thx!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


So excited that COLORSHOW my new favorite band's website is up and running! I was gifted a cd last night by my dear friend Galen (in the hat) and I cant stop playing it because it is epic epic epic and I am so pleased to have shot these photos of them that might be on the cd case. pretty sweet! love you guys!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Lately, I've gotten many e-mails (thanks Mom!) about my website Love&Photo -I've been re-vamping it and gearing up for "wedding season"! So thank you all who have emailed me your compliments and tips :) It's been helpful. And one thing I've heard a few times is that my galleries need more photos. So today I've been looking thru my old photos for possible candidates that make the cut and I came across the photo above. I have been published in 944 magazine many times when I worked for them and it's never lost it's excitement for me! Seeing your photos in a glossy magazine is major as a photographer! And I've also been published internationally twice, and believe it or not one was a COVER! Once I sold a photo of Britney Spears (she was at a club I was at in Newport beach-don't ask!) to a tabloid in Australia. And then the cover was this photo of a thai yoga teacher named Gabriel. It was featured on a Thai health/yoga magazine. This photo shoot was so fun because he was really flexible and down for anything! He was based out of Scottsdale, so we shot this at the Civic Center and sent it on over to the Thai publication. I was e-mailed over the cover with all the text, but I'd have to dig thru my gmail archive to find it. So random. So priceless.
Listening to: Lady Gaga's Paper Gangster