Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hey! I'm a professional!

Welcome to the new and improved Love & Photo dawned on me yesterday that I needed a new header for this blog which is about me as a professional photographer. So my friend Lo and I headed out on a walk around my neighborhood with two cameras. We ended up at the beach where there are beautiful Fall leaves and I loved how it turned out!
Here is a photo of me taking a photo of Lo taking a photo.... :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wedding Video: Leah + Michael Spano

I can finally say the Spano wedding video is finished!!!! Below is the short version I made for the web, here is the link to the photo gallery, and here is the link to order prints online! This video was very trying for me to produce because there was soooo much footage from the week to sort through and of course my iMovie decided to act funky which forced me to completely REDO it in Final Cut Pro. Also, I'm very hesitant to even say Love+Photo does video because I'd rather focus on the photography, but since we fortunately got so much footage I decided to make a video... Enjoy!

Leah and Michael's Wedding Video (small) from Lauren Brown on Vimeo.