Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I Feel a Band of Love & Dreams

Music therapy for alzheimers patients is a mission very dear to my heart. I believe in the healing power of music as I've experienced it myself. Betty's Foundation is hosting it's annual benefit to support music therapy research and I urge you to go on Sunday April 30th if you are in the Marina del Rey area it's at Canvas Presents, and donate to the cause and look for Love Bullet necklaces for sale at the silent auction!

"The music that shaped your younger years left something behind.

Imprints that just might outlast everything else.

In passionate partnership, Canvas and Betty’s Foundation explore the connection between music and Alzheimer’s disease.

UCIMind Neuroscientist Dr. Joshua Grill explains the basics of how our brains process information and how music can be used in treating Alzheimer’s.

Suggested ticket price: $35

All proceeds benefit Betty’s Foundation - an organization dedicated to Alzheimer’s awareness and research.

Food and drinks at 6:30. Concert starts at 7." - Betty's Foundation

Welcome Home!

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