Sunday, January 28, 2018

Rockin' and Rollin'

I'm so honored and excited to be helping out with Alice Cooper's Solid Rock Foundation! I can't describe myself the amazing and inspiring  and  work they do, so I'm going to let them explain in it briefly in this quote from their website...

"We believe a renewed sense of self-worth and purpose provides a meaningingful foundation for the youth in local communities. Many teens today face a future without a solid foundation from broken promises and burdened hearts. At Solid Rock our goal is to provide a landing place for teens. This local sanctuary is provided to support an exciting and creative journey for teens. Join us in building a Solid Rock for the next generation."

I'm excited to be designing the flyers for them for upcoming events (stay tuned!) and I'm going to be teaching a Photography Workshop every week starting soon! Follow my Instagram @loveandphoto to see all the fun things I've been up to!! Also, please check out Solid Rock (link above) and if you have the time please volunteer! They do amazing things there!