Friday, January 22, 2010

Louis Love

This is pretty cool.

Louis Vuitton turned the lens on renowned photographer, Annie Leibovitz recently, when the company asked her to be the subject of its next ad.

Vuitton communication director Antoine Arnault says, "She's a real, pure, 100 percent artist. We've always been very committed to her, to her talent…. She just gets in [her subjects'] souls. This campaign has really become almost a saga."

Though hesitant at first, Annie ultimately accepted, asking only that she get to pick one famous person to appear with her. Her choice: legendary ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov.

The end result pictures Annie staring up at Baryshnikov as though she were about to photograph him, looking pensively at her subject from her seat on the ground next to her monogram Louis Vuitton bag. The tagline reads, "The journey of a star, captured in a flash."Arnault says the photo caputres Leibovitz's signature "moment of quiet and calm," while shooting a subject.We love it because Annie has worked with Vuitton for years, and because the bag she's promoting is one she really does use. Plus, it sheds light on another aspect of the fashion world - those who make it all happen.

[Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton.]

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