Sunday, April 11, 2010

Eating Alive

I'm sure all the millions of followers of my blog (ok, all 18 of you!) have noticed my absence during the last few weeks in the lack of posts as well as the lack of spunk + joie de vivre in the posts I did write and are wondering what's up. I have been struggling with whether to share the reason lately mainly because this blog is mostly for my photography business, but I have lupus. And I've been struggling with rashes on my face lately that really get me down. I'd honestly rather have a huge zit on my nose because then at least people wouldn't be wondering what's on my cheeks. But those are my cards. C'est la vie! So, last week I decided to be proactive about my lupus and consider it a health opportunity instead of a set back. I went to the Optimum Health Institute in sunny San Diego, which is a raw food resort that specializes in detoxing people with health problems or just your average junk food junkie. It is a week long program that includes a 3 day juice fast, classes on digestion, food combining and many more, and raw detox food (not to be confused with gourmet raw food!). As my week is over and I am sitting in the airport about to board my flight back to Tahoe City, I can say that my rash is gone. And my Current Elliotts are falling off. I fully intend to change my life and my eating habits in order to keep feelin' good and I'd just like to thank everyone in my life for letting me be "missing in action" for this last week as well as everyone at OHI who was so kind and encouraging even when I wanted to ditch out and grab an In'N'Out burger (cruelly located 2 blocks away!). Thank you could never express enough how much this has changed my life, self esteem, and body. Merci!
Here I am juicing my own wheatgrass!

Check out my friend's blog if you are interested in OHI, he is a missionary there and has great stories to tell... Jay's Blog

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  1. Congratulations and that is very exciting that you took initiative and found a way to make yourself feel healthy and good! You look amazingly gorgeous, as usual! Happy weekend!


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