Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Photo du jour!

I haven't done a Photo Of The Day post in a while, so here is the official return! Today, I had a very busy day and here it is in a nutshell:
9am- Photo shoot call time at 9am, meet at store, pick clothes, drive to beach
11am- Rush to hair appointment in Truckee (thanks Lindsey at Urban Angels!)
1pm-meet back at store and return to beach to shoot more clothes and get mud + duck poop on my favorite skinny jeans because I couldnt roll them up that high {they are that tight!}
4pm-get to Rosens to nanny the boys only to discover that it's "one of those days" for little kids to be kranky
9pm- finally get home and start photoshopping the photos I took today

And that leads up to right about now so here is my favorite of today!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sweet Sisters

My twin sisters Haley and Samantha have been visiting for the last few weeks and we've had so much fun together! They went camping with Kelsen, they helped bbq dinner with me, and they modeled for me for Fine'N'Funky's website {click here to see what's new!} and having two models honestly did make it twice as fast to shoot! I should schedule two all the time! Live + learn. So here they are in 291 Venice, CA on the beach by our house!