Friday, September 3, 2010

Ghetto in the Meadow

Yesterday's shoot for Fine"n"Funky went exceptionally well and fast!
We had planned on shooting near the loading dock by the Boatworks mall, but couldn't because Tahoe City was a zoo due to the Farmer's Market. In a haste, I said "let's shoot in my neighborhood, there are some interesting walls around there" and we were there in a split second. We parked right across the street from Bacchi's {my fave Italian joint} and Sara my friend just brazenly changed in the street {maybe it was the mimosas!} which made the shoot go by in a flash! I've been having alot of fun on shoots lately and trying to take things to a different level, more like a look book. Maybe more portrait, less fashion. Anyways, so we are shooting a few blocks away from my house and there were cool walls, wood stacks, bright colored paint and old beat down cars galore and that's when Sara says "Yea that's why they call this the ghetto in the meadow" and it dawns on me...
I live in the ghetto.

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