Monday, October 27, 2014

It's about Me, I mean You, I mean ME!

When I shoot weddings, I'm not like all the other wedding photographers in that I barely ever wear all black. Lately, I've been wearing my favorite dresses from Anthropologie { Hello, Anthrolpologie, are you listening? I smell a sponsorship! } The maxi dresses are ideal because so much bending over and kneeling is involved in getting the right angle, I don't need to be worried about showing the guests my knickers! I love them so much because they are dressy enough to be appropriate for most outside weddings AND the patterns are fabulous but aren't crazy, so I'm not running the risk of out shining the Bride or bridesmaids. Just wanted to share some style advice to all the photographers out there when they are planning their ensemble to photograph a wedding. Let's face it, sometimes a black outfit can be fabulous and we all know that, but you also run the risk of looking like one of the waiters. And sometimes I see photographers dressed in all black everything it's like "who died?!" so have some fun in your dress, just not too much fun!

{ If I DO wear black, it's a fab backless Elizabeth&James number! Via Spiga heels in pic above }

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