Thursday, October 9, 2014

Precious Memories

Leah and Michael's Wedding Video (small) from Elle Brown on Vimeo.
As I gear up to shoot a wedding this weekend, the first wedding of the season for me, I find myself getting very excited! Who doesn't love a wedding? Free food and drinks, music, dancing, a beautiful dress and most importantly CAKE! Just kidding, most importantly LOVE in the air. Getting to watch two people madly in love exchange vows in front of friends and family is magical. As I look back on the 50 plus weddings I've photographed, my ultimate favorite was Leah + Michael's destination wedding in St Marten. This wedding holds a very special place in my heart for millions of reasons and memories from that week I will never forget.
First of all, the bride's family has been like family to myself and my family since I was born. The mother of the bride and my mom are very dear friends and the bride's little sister was my BFF when we were kids. On weekends, I'd sleep over at her house or she'd sleep over at mine...and I can't remember a Halloween when we didn't coordinate favorite was the three little pigs with her cousin, also one of my best friends from childhood. But the main reason this wedding is so special to my heart is because it was the last time I got to spend with Ty, the bride's brother who tragically passed away a few years ago. Ty is one of the rare people in life that was so genuine, so cool and so caring you could not find a person on earth who has one bad thing to say about him. His sense of humor was one of the best things about him and his laugh and joy for the moment was contagious. I was blessed to have him and his family in my life as a child and it was one of my biggest privileges and an honor to shoot this wedding and be a part of some of the best memories of this family's lives. The glimpses of Ty in this video still make me cry, but mostly tears of joy because I'll always remember his electric spirit and how happy he was for his sister to be getting married. The best part of this video is when the officiant says "repeat after me" and then said God knows what in his thick Caribbean accent...causing the bride, groom and entire wedding party to start hysterically laughing. Love & Photo doesn't generally provide videography as I like to keep my focus on my still photographs, but on this occasion the wedding was so magnificent, I knew I had to capture it in every way that I could. And I'm so glad that I did. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video and remember that life is precious and short so please let the love and laughter captured in it inspire you to love and laugh with your own family! xo, L

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