Saturday, January 24, 2015

Big Lips Biggest Fan

Getting home the other day to a FedEx on my door step was exciting. The mysterious Madrid, New Mexico address added to my excitement. I open it to find a lovely hand written note from one of my favorite contemporary artists Nigel Conway and something heavily wrapped in padding and tape that is square and I notice heavier than a book. I carefully opened it with scissors which felt like it took one million minutes because of my excitement... to see one of Nigel's signature big lips painting signed on the back!!!!!! To say I am in love with it and grateful for it would be an understatement! To think, I am thirty years old now and collecting things from traveling and collecting beautiful works of art such as this is special to think it will be treasured by my and a piece of my home forever. 
Thank you so much Nigel!
You can also find his work here

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