Thursday, March 26, 2015

It's Very Simple: Be Kind

"When I am being nice, I feel better. Be kind to one another. As a drug addict that no longer uses drugs, one day at a time, I find for me to survive is very simple. What I have to do is tune into the part of me that is compassionate and kind. Don't get distracted, don't live in desire and fear the most negative aspects of nature, tend toward the better aspects of yourself and you'll build connections and communities based on those frequencies. " - Russell Brand

I think I've said on my blog before that I love Russell Brand. As a comedian and as a political activist. I watched this video last night and if you have the time it's very interesting and brings up some current issues about many things like voting, living wages and the criminalization of drugs and the effect it has worldwide. I wanted to share it with you darlings because I personally enjoy listening to political debates in a British accent, it's much more pleasant, no?

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