Sunday, April 26, 2015

Shoot Film, Not People.

I love shooting people. And as much as my business has turned toward wedding & family portraits, it's generally photographing strangers which I'm used to but I'm very aware that my clients are naturally nervous while  having their photo taken. It's intimidating. So I try to give my best tips  upfront, and they are: 
  •  Smile but don't smile too big unless you're laughing
  • Give me options, smiling as well as straight faced
  • If engagement portraits, bring a few changes of outfits for both of you
  • For Senior portraits, consider bringing a prop. Something to do with a club or sport you are involved in. and definitely try to arrange it so I can get some group shots of siblings and friends, etc. 
  • Dog walking photos are adorable for senior portraits. Also, who doesn't need professional portraits of your dog as well as your children?!
  • Open shade is the best light, so I prefer outside locations around sunset
  • If it's a motion shot, we will probably need to take a bunch to get the one thats just right, so have patience 
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