Sunday, October 26, 2014


I had the honor of photographing Kyle & Chelsea's wedding during a beautiful day at a beautiful farm! During the ceremony, a butterfly was fluttering all about Chelsea and her sister/maid of honor was so peculiar as it would NOT leave the girls until the ceremony ended and even flew by the reception area to kiss some of the flowers that were gracing the tables. Many tears were shed when we all piled back into the bridal suite and Pam, the mother of the bride said "that was Joanie!" ...Pam's mother, the bride's grandmother, who just recently passed on. It was absolutely Joanie's presence in such a graceful way lending her spirit and blessing to this union. I felt very blessed to see such a thing and capture it on camera.
Congrats to the couple and may you have love and laughter for many years to come!

{ Joanie, the butterfly }

 { You can kind of see the butterfly in the sky, leaving the left }

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