Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Insta Obsession

This last weekend, I had an interesting conversation with a well known fashion and advertising photographer about Instagram. I asked him to indulge me in shooting some photos of me on my iPhone just for fun. He hated the photos and I loved them! As a professional portrait, wedding and real estate photographer myself, I find it refreshing to use my little phone camera. Also, there are so many cool apps available with filters and other treatments to apply to photos to make them look insanely well done. I wrote a blog post about these apps that you can read here. I encouraged him to embrace this fun novelty of social media to express himself and share parts of his life to his clients, family and friends. I feel clients obviously choose to work with you from the photographs you put on your website { www.loveandphoto.com } and a blog can be used to share funny out takes or wedding advice... I like to share music, art and articles I find on love and relationships as most of the visitors of my blog are getting hitched. But Instagram can be more artsy and tongue & cheek so I tend to take the liberty to express what makes me individual as a person and as a professional. I put this video together of some of my favorite instagrams of myself doing what I love so enjoy! 
xo, L

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