Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How To: Blue Steel à la Zoolander

The other day on a dog walk with my Aunt, I had her snap some photos of me & my puppies. For one, Ralph is growing so fast I want tons of photos of this cute stage...and also because let's face it I need an #ootd pic for Instagram. Yes! So as she's snapping the pics on my iPhone, I'm doing my typical straight face with a little bit of a smile. She says " why do you never smile in photos? Oh that's right you're a Kardashian!" Burn. But spot on. As a photographer, I need all sorts of facial expressions from a model. But I never use the phrase "straight face" because they never do it right. Ever. The trick to giving natural looking face is to relax, drop your shoulders, look away but keep that sparkle in your eye like you're gazing over at a sunset, then look over at the camera like it's your lover { I'm getting a little too poetic? Good. } like "oh hey there" but not surprised.
And there you have Blue Steel.
{ Since I do this face all the time, I'll start a funny little series #notsmilingmakesmesmile inspired by the hilariously vain Kanye West on my Instagram @loveandphoto }
{ This is the Blue Steel gone a little too far. }

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